MINEX-2021 has ended

MINEX-2021 has ended

The 17th mining and geological forum MINEX Russia titled “Development of the mining industry of the future”, which took place on October 5-7 in Moscow, has ended.

Over the past year, the exploration industry has advanced in automated logging and core recognition using artificial intelligence (AI). A significant number of MINEX topics and reports were devoted to this matter. More and more large companies are interested in creating systems for intelligent core recognition, and not only for oil and gas, but also in the solid minerals sector.

Our company has become one of the active participants in the movement towards total automation of geological exploration. AGR Software conducts research on the use of AI to automate work with core material. The report of the General Director of AGR Software Rostislav Bilik on the topic “Digital core. The second generation of the integrated workstation of a documentary geologist” was presented on the forum.

The report focused on automating the geologist’s workplace and maximizing the productivity of the workflow in the core logging. The results of our latest developments using the GeRDa complex (used for automated geochemical core studies and obtaining high-resolution photos) were also presented. The latest model of the documentation table, which is integrated with the GeRDa complex and other modern equipment, was presented at our stand.

We are confident that the future of geology lies with automated systems, in which a person is assigned the role of an interpreter and controller, rather than a worker performing simple and repetitive tasks. Our software already allows you to relieve the geologist from performing many routine operations, and we are glad that we are participating in the process of further automation and simplification of labor.