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9 years
9 years
on the market of IT-systems for exploration
90 implementations
90 implementations
(Russia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Iran, Georgia, Armenia)
More than 600
More than 600
workplaces are equipped with AGR
More than 10 000 km
More than 10 000 km
of core processed using the AGR system


AGR considerably increases the effectiveness of a geological department and makes it easier to interact with subcontractors. Thanks to the possibility to analyze exploration results in progress, the transparency and controllability of exploration projects grow. AGR helps to minimize human errors and avoid typical mistakes in geological documentation, sampling and data processing. As a result, exploration becomes more profitable and attractive for future investments.

AGR is up-to-date!

With AGR you are keeping abreast of the times since the system is based on cutting-edge technologies and supports most popular data formats.

AGR is easy!

A user-friendly interface is one of the system advantages. Thorough and in-depth algorithm of templates creation significantly facilitates the day-to-day work of an operator.

AGR is profitable!

AGR greatly minimizes the time gap between setting a task and obtaining the results. Therefore, this both saves money and reduces risks.

Flexibility for configuration and simplicity for geologists

Our clients

The system fully meets the expectations of those who strive to optimize expenses and minimize risks during exploration. The cornerstone is the software-based information environment for geologists and project managers who focus on the quality and effectiveness. The AGR project is adopted by federal development programs on geology and mineral resource management.

Full multi-language support

Our offer

There are different options how to acquire the system — from one-month rent and buying separate products to the turn-key solution followed by installation. Contact us for more details, special offers and cost!

For mining companies

Automated workplaces for geological documentation, sample selection, weighing and marking samples, photographing core. Automated generation of reports conforming to standards. Centralized project management from anywhere through the internet.

For service companies

AGR for lease and automated exploration in the open season: no need for a client to pay one-time license fee, acquire expensive server hardware or have an IT department. Quick deployment.

For government projects

The AGR technology can be used to design and create state-owned repositories of raw geological data with a unified data format. AGR can be integrated with subsoil user’s Personal Account to meet the requirements of the revised “Law of Subsoil Use”.