The AGR principle

The AGR makes complicated things simple!

The core of the whole system is the complete standardization of all components of the exploration project. Before the beginning of the work, we create a unique AGR template, adapted for the specific company and deposit. Thus, we guarantee the simplicity and quality of work performed by ordinary geologists, and also provide a simple and effective way of obtaining uniform and correct geological information at all stages of the work.

We offer technology-intensive but user-friendly and easy to use IT solutions.

Advantages of computer-driven exploration

Conducting geological exploration in the traditional way – hand-written logging, manual data processing, obtaining the results of analyzes often lag behind and significantly delay transition to the mining stage of the deposit development.

Traditional exploration

  • Low labor productivity during hand-written logging
  • The lack of uniformity in the documentation of different geologists
  • Data processing and obtaining analytical results takes much time
  • After finishing work in the field, data still requires a lot of work
  • Time-consuming and often erroneous compilation of the geological database
  • Loss of information during the compilation of the geological database
  • Direct and indirect economic losses

AGR 4.0 principles

  • Convenient digital format of information
  • The data is transferred in automatic mode
  • Information is immediately available for processing and analysis
  • Automatic reporting
  • Full online control over the course of geological exploration project
  • Transparency and accessibility of geological exploration project
  • Full multi-language support
  • Minimization of errors in the reports preparation
  • Increase in profit due to the high efficiency of work