Multilingual support

Overcoming the language barrier

Documentation using the drop-down lists can be performed in different languages, and full-text geological description is formed taking into account the grammar of the chosen language. It is also possible to perform logging in one language, and automatically prepare reports in another.

The system is built in such a way that each specialist is able to work using his mother tongue.

Compliant with International Standards

The system architecture has rich configuration capabilities for different types of objects and stages of exploration. This makes AGR fully compatible with Russian and foreign standards of work execution and reporting. Moreover, a well-configured AGR system simplifies compliance with standards and makes the data more transparent for representation.

AGR fully supports the work in accordance with the standards of JORC, CRIRSCO, NI 43-101, NAEN, KAZRC  and other national and international codes.

Smart solution for multilingual projects

Thanks to its multilingual feature, AGR 4.0 becomes indispensable to international projects and transparent to foreign audit firms.

AGR has the unique ability to input and display the same data in different languages, with absolutely seamless switching between them.

  • Interface available in English, Russian, French and Chinese
  • Logging can be performed and read in any language, switching on the fly
  • Preserving semantically literate text regardless of selected language
  • Simplified reporting in any selected language