Automated exploration

There are neither identical deposits nor identical mining companies. Each geological site is unique, and each mining company has its own specific features, both structural and organizational. The AGR system is flexible enough to be adjusted to a particular deposit and corporate standards and processes. This is exactly what our specialists do during turn-key implementation.

Turn-key automation of exploration

To automate all processes of an exploration company, we supply and implement a complete set of AGR 4.0, including customized settings and tailoring it to your standards and needs. Implementation is carried out by best-qualified and experienced geologists.

Complete delivery includes:

  • Development of a documentation standard and adjustment of an electronic AGR template to the client’s site. Geological documentation may be in different languages.
  • AGR implementation
    • AGR software installation and setting
    • Training for client’s employees
    • Fine-tuning of AGR templates
  • Technical support. We provide software updates to latest versions covered by technical support, consulting on system operation and failures within 3 months upon implementation.