AGR Drilling


The AGR product “Driller’s Console” is intended for maintaining electronic drilling logs, replacing paper documentation on a drilling rig and collecting data on drilling timing and technological parameters. In combination with the AGR “Drilling Project” server solution, the product allows you to monitor and significantly improve the quality and efficiency of drilling operations. The product has the following functionality:

Functional capabilities:

  • Possibility to fill the shift log on the drilling rig
  • Input of technological drilling operations performed on the drilling rig
  • Entering rig maintenance operations
  • Saving timestamps for each operation
  • Ability to work both online and offline
  • Keeping records of hours, fuel, drilling tools
  • Accounting for working time in shifts and for individual employees
  • Ability to work both online and offline
  • If there is a network, data is transferred to the server automatically
  • In the absence of a network, data can be written to any medium

System requirements

CPUARMRAM and CPU have to comply with the OS requirements. The memory used by AGR is comparable to that of a standard office application.
RAM4 Gb and more
HDD2 Gb free space and moreHard disk: minimum 1Gb free to install the software and store the files created by AGR (the size mainly depends on the size of geological data and photo).
VideoA standard integrated graphic card is enough.
Display8 inch and greaterHigh-definition PC monitors are recommended.
InputTouchscreenA stylus is recommended to work with the integrated vector editor.
Network10/100MbitInternet connection is not mandatory.
OSAndroid 9 or higherThe software does not use alternate libraries which require installation.