Software products

The AGR system consists of separate modules (software products). Each software product is designed to solve certain tasks – configuration of the input templates for particular deposit, data input, information management. Each person involved in the project gets a convenient tool to achieve their specific goals and objectives.

The modular structure of the AGR system allows to choose most suitable combination of delivered products, based on the actual needs and capabilities of the customer.

AGR Drilling

(Русский) Продукт АГР "Консоль бурильщика" предназначен для ведения электронных буровых журналов, замены бумажной документации на буровой установке и сбора данных о хронометраже и технологических параметрах бурения.

AGR Document Editor

The software product is designed for the exploration workings logging and automatic creation of the logging reporting documentation.

AGR Template Editor

The software product is designed to work with templates, for creating and editing exploration logging templates and reporting forms.

AGR Data Management

The server solution is used to store, process and manage geological data for one or several deposits.

AGR KPI Dashboard

Server solution for automatic online collection, calculation and visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) in exploration and mining projects.

Software product AGR Reader

The module allows the user to view and verify geological documentation and reports. It is supplied to our clients and regulatory institutions.

AGR Document Editor Demo

The module displays geological documentation and reports and is supplied upon request. Please, contact us for more information.