AGR KPI Dashboard

About the program

The solution connects to various data sources, automatically calculates project KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and represents them in tables, bar charts and histograms. AGR KPI Dashboard enables the user to monitor exploration and mining projects online by providing 24/7 web access to up-to-date information. All calculations are made using raw data obtained from the AGR system and other sources, which ensures highest consistency and accuracy.


Server solution for automatic online collection, calculation and visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) in exploration and mining projects. Functional capabilities:

  • Automatic data collection from various sources.
  • Data processing using embedded and user-defined scripts.
  • Project dashboard for KPIs calculation and representation.
  • Notifying users if KPI is beyond the maximum permissible values.
  • Automatic summaries and reports (which are flexibly configured and adjusted).
  • Access to the accumulated project status history.
  • Automatic data export to other systems.

System requirements

CPUPentium III greater than 1GHzXeon, Itanium or more high power processor is recommended. The selected configuration should meet the requirements set by Microsoft on its software products (see the software requirements below).
RAM>8 Gb
HDD50-100GbHard disk: 50-100 Gb to store geological data on all deposits. The size depends on the amount of bit-mapped graphics (e.g. core photographs) added to AGR documents.
OSWindows Server 2008/2016/2016
DBMSMicrosoft SQL Server 2012A full version of SQLServer should be used to ensure that Data Management module works correctly (free Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 cannot be used).

Additional info

AGR KPI Dashboard is an R&D project backed by Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (for further information about this Foundation please see the official website at