Lease and implementation (SaaS)

For many companies, renting AGR becomes the most reasonable decision. The option is particularly true for service companies which deal with big mining companies, where AGR is considered as a corporate exploration standard. In this case, AGR turns out to be the best tool to interact with a client, who can share its rules and procedures using a template.

Software for lease may include:

  • Possibility to rent either any commercial AGR product or the entire system.
  • Possibility to rent one Data Management server, which is installed and adjusted to your project.
  • We consider any lease term and are ready to discuss details on a case by case basis.

Many companies would prefer to rent the system for one open season with a possibility to prolong the rental contract just for the Data Management server, so that to be able to access and process the obtained data.

If necessary, our company is ready to develop a documentation template and implement the AGR system into client’s business processes.

Renting AGR lets you use the cutting-edge exploration toolkit at minimum expense.