About AGR

AGR is an innovative IT solution which fully automates exploration and makes your business smart and profitable. Our high-quality system is ideally suited for any and all exploration tasks:

  • Exploration support
    • core logging
    • documentation for trenches
  • Sampling of any kind
    • registering and bar-coding samples
    • automated registry generation
    • automated data exchange with labs
  • Mining (core and sludge drilling)
  • Geotechnical documentation (including oriented core processing)
  • Drill logging, telemetry and other tasks

The modules composing AGR 4.0 are registered in the Russian Software Register recommended by the Russian government.

The AGR principle

We offer technology-intensive but user-friendly and easy to use IT solutions. With AGR you are always able to immediately analyze freshly obtained drilling data, visually represent and interpret it in GMIS (Geological and Mining Information System) and monitor exploration.

Multilingual support

Thanks to its multilingual feature, AGR 4.0 becomes indispensable to international projects and transparent to foreign audit firms. The system allows every specialist to work using his mother tongue.

Software products

The AGR system consists of separate modules (software products) each of which solves its own task: configuration, data input, data access. Such a structure provides each project participant with a convenient tool to achieve the set goals.