AGR Data Management

About the program

Data Management Server is installed on Computer Server configured depending on specific tasks and organization where the product is used.

Any available computer with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers connected to the Internet or local net with AGR Server is suitable for uploading new logging data, viewing existing data and documentation, and exporting database.


The module is designed to store, process and manage exploration data, and to ensure that it is integral and accessible.

Functional capabilities:

  • Automated import of sample assay
  • Sample batch management
  • Automated quality control (QA/QC)
  • Integration with other information systems
  • Automated creation of reports
  • Server-side data processing
  • Export of data to GMIS
  • Project management and progress control
  • Quick exploration management
  • Project control and analysis using an interactive map
  • Drilling control and optimization
  • Information access management

System requirements

CPUPentium III greater than 1GHzXeon, Itanium or more high power processor is recommended. The selected configuration should meet the requirements set by Microsoft on its software products (see the software requirements below).
RAM>8 Gb
HDD50-100GbHard disk: 50-100 Gb to store geological data on all deposits. The size depends on the amount of bit-mapped graphics (e.g. core photographs) added to AGR documents.
OSWindows Server 2008/2016/2016
DBMSMicrosoft SQL Server 2012A full version of SQLServer should be used to ensure that Data Management module works correctly (free Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 cannot be used).