Technical support

Technical support is necessary for a user to handle any software with no trouble. Our specialists will quickly render comprehensive technical support services for all AGR solutions.

Our main goal is to timely react to any request and offer the solution.

Technical support services include:

  • consulting on the system operation, including its structure, templates, components including updates, and geological documentation;
  • modification of the system configuration and templates as stipulated in the Technical Support Agreement;
  • the AGR system updates.

The basic delivery includes provision of technical support within a specified period of time. Upon its expiration it is reasonable to sign a technical support agreement for one year with the annual renewal option, because the AGR 4 system is constantly being improved and upgraded. Our developers regularly release updates and new versions, and once in 3-4 years a next-gen AGR system appears. Technical support means you will have the latest version at all times.