AGR master class has been successfully completed

AGR master class has been successfully completed

On March 10th and 11th, AGR Software held a workshop devoted to the creation of field geological and geotechnical documentation using modern software and core bench. The workshop was carried out with the support of Yakutskgeologia JSC and in partnership with SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.

Keeping in tune with the times, the workshop was run both offline and online, with Geowebinar platform, and live webcasting to YouTube.

The first speaker Alexey Romanov, lead geologist at “Mineralno-Syryeviye Aktivy”, demonstrated how resource estimation could be affected by the quality of primary geological data by the example of exploration projects in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Mikhail Demidovich, head of installation department at AGR Software, touched upon organization of a modern workstation for geologists. The presentation made by Ivan Livinskiy, head of geomechanics and hydrogeology department at SRK Consulting, was devoted to collection of geomechanical data, including drilling of oriented core.

In the afternoon, the participants were invited to test the AGR Document Editor module. Geologists had an opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of cutting-edge logging technologies, including a special roller table with good lighting, auto heating feature and automatic supply of compressed air and water, functional pull-out bottom trays, camera and adjustable laptop table for electronic logging. The AGR system serves as a core element of the workstation; it automates and simplifies weighing and marking procedures, as well as further identification and tracking of samples with barcodes.

The second day of the workshop was opened by Mikhail Demidovich, who shared the experience of managing exploration projects with the help of the AGR Data Management Server. The speaker told about cloud storage, data exchange and the impact on real-time mineral estimation / re-estimation of a deposit. Sergey Gashko, structural geologist at SRK Consulting, spoke about results of geomechanical logging and explained how they can be treated and used. Later on, Ivan Livinskiy highlighted the specifics of different rock mass rating systems.

Geotechnical logging was discussed in the second half of the day. Ivan Livinskiy demonstrated how to carry out oriented core logging with the help of AGR and put focus on best practices regarding core handling and registration of geomechanical parameters. The expert showed the functional advantages of the AGR system and its automatic calculation feature of resulting parameters of rocks. The workshop ended with the presentation of Yekaterina Zakandykina, AGR Software, on rock preservation and the concept of contemporary core storages. Yekaterina gave an overview of the current situation with core quality during exploration of solid mineral deposits in Russia and outlined the measures that can be taken to develop contemporary core storages featuring modern equipment and software.

We would like to thank the participants for attending the event in these tough times. All those who missed the workshop can watch the full recorded session of Day1 & Day2 on YouTube.

We are grateful to Yakutskgeologia JSC for assistance and SRK Consulting for sharing all concerns and informative presentations.

AGR Software remains open to cooperation. Development and high-quality standards are a top priority for us!