Changing the life of geologists for the better!

Changing the life of geologists for the better!

The amount, complexity and diversity of primary geological data is much higher than that of geological and technical information. That is why it is reasonable to use the extended AGR functionality to keep electronic drilling logs. It becomes even more acute as there appear quite inexpensive tablets, which together with the installed AGR software can be used as a driller’s console. In addition, it is possible to improve the working conditions of field geologists, who often have to perform core description in poor lighting, in inconvenient places. A key feature of our approach is to provide everyone, from driller to analyst, with the most comfortable and modern workplace.

It was a topic of the AGR presentation given on the special “Geowebinar platform”. The presentation took place December 24, 2020, within the dedicated AGR Software session. It focused on the possibility of using geological documentation tools to collect related technical information, for example, to keep electronic drilling logs.

The concept of a modern workstation for a logging geologist featuring special 2nd generation inclined roller tables with an integrated photo booth aroused particular interest. A highly ergonomic design with good lighting helps bring geological exploration support to the next level.

We can recommend that subsoil users start using electronic drilling logs and equip logging spaces with high-tech tables for core logging. Meanwhile, logging can be carried out both using the AGR software and by traditional methods.

We are delighted to congratulate our colleagues and partners on the New Year! We wish you amazing new projects and breakthrough solutions!