AGR is now available through SaaS delivery model

AGR is now available through SaaS delivery model

We are delighted to announce that the AGR system is now available by subscription (the SaaS licensing and delivery model, “Software as a Service”)).

This opens up new opportunities for service companies as well as for small and medium mining businesses that are mainly focused on effectiveness, portability and saving.

Thanks to AGR in the SaaS model our clients gain the following advantages:

  • Small monthly payments instead of one-time AGR license fee.
  • Quick deployment (access to the server module is provided within a week).
  • No need to acquire an industrial-strength server and licensed system software (cost saving).
  • No need in keeping one’s own IT department to administer the server and system software (cost saving).

Taking AGR for rent is especially crucial for exploration projects based on seasonal works (abolishment of rental charges is possible)

When a mining project reaches a stage of large-scale production, the AGR system can be moved to customer’s servers and supplemented by the necessary number of workplaces. As a result, the customer gets a corporate information system to manage its mineral resources base.

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