MINEX Russia 2022 takeaways

MINEX Russia 2022 takeaways

18th MINEX Russia Forum and Exhibition took place in Moscow on October 5-6, 2022. The Forum was held under the slogan “Sustainability and Sovereignty of the Russian mining industry”. Despite going through tough times and facing the severance of diverse relations with foreign companies, Russian vendors and suppliers were up to the mark.

The conference speakers mainly addressed the automation of the entire production cycle, from exploration to enrichment. Sergey Gorkov, Director General at RosGeo, spotlighted the prospects for searching rare earth elements and the problem of import substitution with respect to hardware and software used in geological exploration.

AGR Software participated in two sessions covering technological sovereignty and import substitution in geology. At the panel discussion, Ekaterina Zakandykina gave a talk about the development of domestic IT solutions which are much of demand by the market.

In partnership with CMT Consulting (formerly SRK Russia), AGR Software run a masterclass on digitalization of geological documentation for underground mining. The attendees had a chance to experience the usability of the mobile app and see how greatly it facilitates operations in such an intricate and skill-demanding field as geotechnics.

AGR Software is also proud to be named a finalist of the Mine Digital competition together with Eastern Drill Company (Vostochnaya Burovaya Kompaniya). It is the “Drilling management and monitoring” project that has been entered into the contest.

At the Forum, AGR Software showcased three new software solutions being the components of the AGR system, namely Drilling support and Driller console; Exploration logging Mobile and Geotechnical documentation for underground mining. All the solutions are based on the AGR5 new generation platform.